22 August 2012 @ 05:21 pm
Week 3 - Jernigan  


Sam, you asked for it. Don't look at me.

This is Serena, Sam and Aofie's first child. 

And this monday is her first school day!

Pretty townie by Lillith. 

Mission of the week: Gold Fishing Badge for Sam.

Time for the triplets to grow up!

I had a clone issue so I had to do some sim surgery after the aging up. 

This is Samantha!


And Gloria.

Such a hectic house. I got all stressed out playing this week. There's kids everywhere!

Aofie is tired too.

Helping Serena with her homework.

Oh, please Josh not the toilet water!

Skilling time!

Oh, thank god.

What now Aofie, do you have a surprise for me?


I swear, it's the only thing that happens in this house, potty training. Gah! And the bathroom is also crowded since these triplets can't do anything else but follow their parents. 

But they are cute. ^^ Autonomeously!

Josh, apparantly not satisfied with the food.

Look what I managed! One time during the entire week!

Sam is fat and he doesn't want to be so he bought himself a bike. He's been living on it ever since. MustGetFitMustGetFitMustGetFit..

And he's fishing too of course.

Aofie rolls wishes I can't satisfy all the time so everytime she rolls a charisma skill want I go for it. ^^



Josh and Samantha. <3 


Birthday time!

Hurray, no more toddlers! 


Gloria's turn. Serena and Josh are checking each other out. 

Gloria might be our own little tomboy. Awesome looks girl!

And here we have our girly-girl, Samantha.


O boy.. No more twins or triplets now please!

It's another girl and she is named Meg. She has Sam's genetics just as Serena. 

That question always come Sam. Be a good father and give a nice answer now. :)

They really were in great need of money so I made them spend their weekend fishing. 

And digging.

Bones and maps. That's all they find this week. It's better than hitting pipes though.

Best friends forever with your kids. Way to go Sam.

Aofie is on house wife duty. I don't think this life was all she had imagined, being a fortune sim and all.

They've got a rather big house but it's mostly a shell on the second floor since they're short on money. 

It's Serena's birthday. And Gloria totally rocks the dragon outfit. x)

Sweet girl.

Fortune as her mother and she doesn't like black haired dudes. No she want's a strong man in bathing shorts. ^^ Or maybe she's into girls, I don't know. :P


Josh shares his dad's great cuisine interest. Maybe he'll start a restaurant some day..

A new bedroom on the second floor has been decorated by fishing money. 

Two beds and two desks. :) 

Serena is a lovely big sister, constantly looking after Meg.

I said the whole weekend was spent this way and I meant it. x)

Hallway upstairs.

Finally! He was fishing for two days constantly. 

He has developed ninja skills when it comes to catching fishes. ^^ He now can get a job in the oceanography career and might have a shot at fulfilling his LTW. 

Big family need big house. 

And big families need food. Aoife went to Tasty's to by some. 

And we end this  by showing that Sam got his job. I really don't see the point in searching for open spots when careers are unlocked by certain things so I got him the job. There shouldn't even be a paper yet since the journalism career is locked. ^^

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