21 August 2012 @ 01:35 am
Week 3 - Osheai  

Let's start this update with two townies! I've created more but I only took pictures of these two. Too eager to play! Meet Ottaviano by [profile] nnnilou and a face template townie, name unkown.  

And now we're ready for a busy week in the Osheai house!

Last week May was born. It's the daughter of Sam Jernigan and Piretta Osheai. She somewhat "stole" this child since Sam already had chosen Aofie to become his wife. But May is beautiful and loved nevertheless. 

Business is better now when there's townies to sell bones and rocks to! This particular costumer is Esabelle, if I remember right.

And this is Kim. :) 

And Laila and some randomly generated townie. 

Laila is really cute :D

This means money! :D

Spring gardening.

There's a lot of diaper changing with this child. 

More stuff to sell!

And May grew up! Adorable little girl.

I'm thinking of friends zoning these two with the ACR. Cardiff must have learned his lesson.. He is also fat! ^^

That's an interesting way to make sales Piretta.. She totally hit it off with Cliff! They're three bolters so congrats Piretta. :D



May really didn't want to learn how to talk. 

Piretta had to sit down for hours and hours.

And then finally May said her first simlish words!

Celebrating with peek-a-boo. 

Piretta is talking with Cliff.. 

More business.


Osheai house in spring.

Lottie, new townie, also came to buy some potholders. 

And this hot bloke is Michael. He was more interested in the robot toys. 

Cucumber harvest. 

Time to buy Mistmoor's first community lot! It's a grocery store named Tasty's

This is what it looks like:

Oh yeah!

And May learned how to walk too!

First working day at Tasty's.

Thelma is browsing.

Garden club lady also came by. 

And first buys! Gloria and Thelma is lining. :) 

And this is Timothy. I love my townies as you probably can tell. I apologize for all the townie spam. ^^

Gloria: Way to go Harris! 

Moving along.

And the first day at Tasty's was a complete success!  It's even prettier at nighttime. 

Elsie came by in the evening just in time for May's birthday.

I just love kids! :)

May: I'm going to have so many BFF's that you can't even imagine mum!

Piretta decided she didn't wan't to raise May on her own when Harris moves out so she invited Cliff over to get to know him better.

May is really playful so a lot of bath tube playing is certainly going to happen!

Well, well..

It obviously was a bit too hot for Piretta. She passed out from over heating!

May got a new garden toy. 

The Hall's came by. May and Ben is about the same age so Piretta figured they'd be friends. They're cousins after all. Ben immediatly began talking about skiing while doing swimming strokes. Silly boy.

Harris and Freya had a private moment in one of the bedrooms.

Time for some Tasty working for Harris. 

Restocking before opening.


Garden lady being dazzled out of her pants!

Freya congratulates Harris on his successful business. 

They got a livingroom.

Colorful sofa is a playful touch. I think it suits this family. I imagine that Freya has re-covered an old sofa in this bright fabric, she is the master of the sewing machine! 

The new addition makes the house look a bit odd but I guess they'll get another room on the second floor before long. When I get a connection to downtown I'm going to give the exterior a makeover. They're getting new facing, painted. And possibly porches. 

Family is testing the new living. Watching a kids movie on telly.

Another type of testing..

Piretta feels Cliff is the one. She doesn't have the time to wait for someone else. He seems perfect, three bolts and all. 

So she decides to ask him to move in. He immediately accepts!

Aw, this is a fear Piretta has. She is a popularity sim with family as second. She might even get to drink some elixir of life just to have the time to get a couple of kids with Cliff. I'm eager to see what Cliff's kids will look like. 

Last picture of the new adult residents in the Osheai house. Harris is moving out and living with the Halls next week. It's good to know that Piretta won't be alone. 

Notes: It's wonderful to have Mistmoor's first community lot up and going! When you have business it's not hard to earn money and therefore I'm hoping to have lots of progress this round. I'm debating with myself wether the next lot is going to be a school or a park. What do you guys think? 
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