16 August 2012 @ 05:51 pm
Week 3 - Hall  

We start this week with a calm, late Sunday evening. The family got a telescope since Elsie needed to work on her logic skill.

Late evening supper.

Ben is a very happy child. 

Freya greeted a cute dog, maybe they'll be able to adopt it in the future. 

Time for work again. Elsie is currently a Lobbyist. The goal for this week is to unlock townies and community lots. She needs to get one promotion and become best friends with Piretta who owns a home business. 

Freya is a stay-at-home-mum. With no nannies available she doesn't have much choice even though she would like to work. Being a knowledge sim.

Sometimes sims are so utterly inappropriate.. Ben is lucky to have his chair turned away from it! There also were chimes..

Hurray! Only the best-friending-part left. 

Kid number two on the way. Or from Harris perspective it's kid number four. 

Elsie: First we become best friends. It's easy and fun I promise. 

Elsie: And then we can be BFF's! What do you think? 

She really is working hard on befriending Piretta. :P

Being ex-plantsims both Elsie and Piretta have golden garden badges. Talking to plants are a common thing in this house. 

Birthday for Ben! Harris and Piretta are there to celebrate. Piretta already is best friends with Freya so it's not odd that she is invited. Though Elsie seems to have plans for the evening. ^^

..yeah, Cardiff invited himself and joined the celebration. 

Aww, look at the cuteness! He got Freyas pointy ears and Harris nose. 

The training starts immediately of course.

Pop no:2

Ben learns how to talk..

..finds out his OTH..

..sneaks out of bed..

..and uses the potty. Great first day!

Who can resist taking potty training pictures? Not me!

I failed with the job stopinator but it's not such a big deal since..

..the first thing that happened when Elsie came home was this. Best friends with Piretta!

Townies and community lots are now officially unlocked! 

Let's celebrate with a new addition to the family.

It's a girl!

Freya gives Harris a call to tell him about the baby news. :)

Summer feels great!

She is on a roll! This means Political jobs for anyone who likes! The career is unlocked!

Ben learns how to walk!

His mother feels accomplished.

Summer feels (not so) great..

He is so cute! 

Double birthday coming up!

Celebrating town progress. 

Elsie got a speaking corner and the house a more interesting frontal view. It's a bit odd but I like it! She also dug up a bone. Great success there too.

Freya decided to invite Harris over for a surprise..

Engagement Proposal!

He said yes! I decided that Harris would live with his sister for one more week since she needs help with the business when she has a newborn child to take care of. Hopefully she'll meet a nice townie guy who can move in with her so Harris can move in with his wife-to-be and two of his children.


Practicing for mayor speech. 

And then there were birthday cakes! Harris, Piretta and Aofie were there to join the celebration this time. 

She is a cutie too! She got Freya's nose but I forgot to check her ears. 

Aww! Cuteness overload!

Harris is happy. ^^

There was lots of thunder during the week but fortunately the podium was saved. :P

And Harris and Piretta showed that they're not done with baby making.. 

Being a great daddy!

And we end the week with one more potty training face. 
Notes: This week was a blast! I loved that progress was made and the kids are so cute! There's not much money in the town funds though so it'll be a while until the first town owned community lot is built. Current funds are 4 200§. Next up are Piretta and Harris Osheai. But first I have to make some townies!

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