14 August 2012 @ 11:28 pm
Mistmoor - Week 2 - Summary  

Elsie, Freya and Ben Hall - At the beginning of the week Freya was still a plantsim toddler, playing the xylophone
both inside and out in the snow. Elsie started the week by woohooing Cardiff and they now have a crush on each other.
She also got her job in the political career back. Early in the week Freya grew up and became an adult as plantsims do.
Since it was winter I got bored of the plantsim thing and Freya was cured. After the curing she hit it off with Harris Osheai
and they soon became the most adorable love birds. Their love even resulted in the birth of their son, named Ben.
Elsie climbed the career ladder quite some bit and managed to unlock electricity and running water becoming best
friends with Freya's loverboy Harris. She is currently a Lobbyist. 

Harris, Piretta and May Osheai - The week begun with Cardiff moving out and into the King's house to be able to
take care of his many kids. Piretta became the owner of their home business instead. Piretta has a huge crush on
Sam Jernigan and despite the fact that he got a daughter with Aofie King last week she insists on seducing him.
In the meantime Harris is working in the shop and it's becoming a rank 3 business. The money is well needed
when Piretta succeeds in her mission and gets pregnant. Harris has Freya over for some nice woohooing during the
week as well. Their house gets a newly built nursery and Piretta gives birth to a girl named May.

Aofie, Sam, Serena, Samantha, Josh and Gloria Jernigan - There's now not only one but two sets of
triplets in this hood. And that means two crowded houses. The week started with Aofie & Serena moving in with Sam.
Sam continued working on his fishing skills to get the golden fishing badge and be able to get a job in the oceanography
career. Sam and Aofie got engaged, pregnant and later also married. Serena grew up to child and became a real cutie.
The family also had great luck with the treasure hunting and dug up not one but two treasure chests. Since they got
triplets the money was very much needed and they got an extension to the house. Next week will be full of toddlers! 

Catherine, Vera, Cardiff, Nelson, Matilda, Anne, Blake, Leo and (Dylan missing) - I didn't even manage to
remember them all when I was taking the family portrait and therefore Dylan is missing. I'm to lazy to take a new picture
though. ^^ The most crowded house ever was full of drama the second week. Anne and Cardiff got married and
Catherine got pregnant again. She gave birth to Matilda and Anne got a fourth child, a girl named Vera. Cardiff got in
trouble when Anne found out about the cheating he'd been doing with Elsie. It was a bit tense and Cardiff wasn't allowed
to sleep in their double bed for a couple of nights. The triplets had their toddler days and eventually grew up. They all
love to show off. Cardiff ended the week by setting the stove on fire and scaring his poor kids really bad.
Good work there Cardiff!

Engelbert Müller - Engelbert had one more lonely week with his animals. He decided to get himself a bird
in addition to his beloved worm rat Benji. The bird got the name Toto couldn't have wished for a better home.
Engelbert got two promotions working in the law career and spent time with his best friend Harris. He wants to have
a family really badly and only rolls love related wishes at the end of the week. He longs for townies this guy.  
Stats Week 2:
Households: 5
Playable Sims: 22
Community Lots: 0
Sim Multiplier: 1
Population: 22
Fires: 2
Burglaries: 0
Electrocutions: 0
Earned CAS Sims: 0
Townies: Locked
Electricity and running water: Unlocked
Careers Spots: Politics (1/1), Law (1/1), Education (1/1)
Unlocked Careers: 0


Notes: It has taken me really long time to finish this rotation but it's nice to summarize and see how much progress that was made. The water and electricity unlocked is great and I hope to be able to unlock townies and community lots in the beginning of week 3. I'm thinking of building a playable school. Thanks to all of you who've read and commented. It's a joy playing and posting with all the encouragement!
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