27 June 2012 @ 01:43 pm
Week 2 - King  

Nelson (Catherine's and Harris's son) grew up as soon as I loaded their house.  

But Catherine and Harris seemed to have other things on their mind. This is happening before he and Freya become
lovers so it's not all that "bad" behavior from his side. Catherine is a romance sim so she wouldn't care either way.

Taxes are paid!

And this is Nelson, loving potty training.

Anne and Cardiff both wanted to get engaged. Anne took her chance to propose in their bedroom. 

And Cardiff said yes of course!

Omg, Catherine.. not again. Don't you know how to use a condom?

Potty training: check

Walking: check

Time for the trips to grow up. This is Leo.

Nice tux..

And this is Blake. 

Omg, that face! I love it! And he got that hair I never use but I think it suits him. :)

Thirdly: Dylan.

Evil eyebrow Dylan. Just wait and see. 


Blake is awesome.

Here we go again.






Not a lot of nice points.. 

Waiting for parents to wake up. I think it's rather cute that they all have the same pajamas. 

Pale but cute, Leo. :)

Catherine is working on her silver badge but it's taking time since there's 4 toddlers in the house. And she is pregnant..

Pottytraining Dylan. Notice the eyebrows. ^^

With 4 toddlers and another baby on the way there's need for more money. And since it's a BaCC that means digging, lots of digging.

Having fun Anne? There's basically kids everywhere and they need attending all the time!

I love you Blakeyboy. <3 Favorites are allowed when the kids are made of pixels. ^^


Plop! (2)

Child drama all the time!

Small wedding ceremony to fulfill their wish and keep their aspiration up high. They're super cute though!

This robot needs repairing everyday..

Anne?! You got yourself knocked up too? I thought I was safe since Catherine already is pregnant and I thought the limit of sims were 8. But apparently that's not always the case..


Welcome Matilda! 

Treasure hunting pays off again! Wiie!

Anne is completely oblivious. It's not her child. x) 

This house also got a second floor. It's not finished though. Walls are expensive! We need a few more windows and interior walls. But I think it'll be nice. 

Elsie came by.

I had totally forgotten about their secret affair! Anne was sleeping when Elsie came and smooched Cardiff. This is bound to end badly.

Anne woke up and plopped.

Nelson is about to turn into a child at the same time.


And then hell brakes loose. Anne gets furious when Elsie wants to serenade Cardiff right in front of her. No wonder..

You bastard! No one messes with Anne King!

She just can't believe what just happened. 

Elsie is sent home and Cardiff starts apologizing. Anne needs time to think this over though. We'll see what happens. 

First school day in Mistmoor! I need someone to become a teacher.. 

Nelson brought Serena home from school and they spent the afternoon playing video games upstairs.  

Cardiff continues his apologizing. 

And the trips are growing up! First up is Blake.

He is still a winner! He rocks that haircut. :D

Leo is happy too. :)


Seems satisfied as well. It's a bit crowded in the bedroom. Anne seems to be the problem. ^^

Anne is plopping again. 

Catherine wants to get a job. She'll be the teacher!

Hmm, she'll have to work on that school interest.

Spring arrives and its time to plant some crops.

Catherine got the job.

Birthday time again. It's all that ever happens in this crowded house. This time it's Matilda. Catherine's second child.

Harris is there. :)

She is really cute! 

Cardiff congratulates Harris's good reputation. 

And in the middle of the birthday celebration Anne goes into labor!

And we welcome, what has to be the last King in this generation, Vera. 

Collaborative potty training for the win. 

Cardiff is such a great dad. It's sad that he's not as great as a husband. Anne won't let him sleep in their bed as of yet. But she is slowly getting over the cheating. Maybe they can solve it. 

The triplets are crazy about showing off. 

Children labor. 

And Cardiff ended the week by setting the stove on fire. Good work buddy! 

Poor kids, traumatized for life. Fortunately Cardiff managed to extinguish the fire after some struggle.

We don't want to end the update with only drama so here are a cute picture of  Matilda who is too little to notice that there even was a fire. ^^ Good for her. 

Notes: Crazy, crazy week! I'm happy that it's over and I'm even more happy that Engelbert is next and he is alone. I'm completely exhausted after looking after 6 kids and 3 adults. It would be nice if either Catherine or Anne and Cardiff could get a new house. But there's not money for that right now. It's nice that Catherine got a job, we need more working simmies in this settlement. ^^

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