25 June 2012 @ 11:20 pm
Week 2 - Jernigan  

The week starts off with a sleeping Serena. 

Serena, not always the most happy child. 

Yay! Only one more to go to open a spot for him in the Oceanographic career. 


Fishing, that's what Sam does.. 

Maximized nature hobby.

Gorgeous hobby chick! Omg, she is the nature girl and she has green eyeshadow. :D

Aofie's face!

Evening entertainment. This family doesn't have a telly yet. 

Sam loves food and became fat. Rope jumping ftw!


Piretta came by and it was awkward.. She was soon sent home again. She actually just went straight in and sat down at the table to eat without being greeted.. Creepy.

Sam is a wonderful father.

Sam seems to feel a bit uneasy being fat. ^^ 


Well of course!

<proposing spam>

</proposing spam>

More babies on the way!

Serena's birthday! Catherine is the only guest.

Aofie, I love you <3

Toddler Serena, pre-makeover. She has Sam's everything.


They're such cuties, these two.

Sam decided to teach Serena everything! First: walking.


Pottytraining: check!

Talking: check!

Catherine and Aofie are best friends. Catherine is their most frequent visitor. 

Pop! (2)

Gossiping about Sam. Is it the fatness? ^^

Serena's personality. She is extremely active and extremely shy. What a combo..

Evening bath. :)

It's early spring but the pond is still frozen so Sam can't do any fishing. I'm waiting eagerly for it to melt!

Treasure hunting! They are in huge need of money since Aofie is pregnant and they don't even have a nursery to Serena right now. 

Omg! That's the second treasure chest I've ever had in my game! Notice Aofie's look on the left side.. 

She seems to be happy about the money. ^^

A new room was added to the house. Nursery with small work place. 

I added the room on the left side of the house. 

They also got a TV!

Happy Serena! Post-makeover. 

With spring comes gardening...

...and sun.



Aofie is very much pregnant!

Birth time!

Oh, no..

First: Samantha!

Second: Josh!

...and THIRD! Gloria. (I'm not ready for this..)

Panic since they only have two cribs and no more money! Also, notice the machine in the back. It's a life saver when you have triplets or quads. 

300 :-

Serena went from first priority to fourth. Poor child.

Dig, dig, dig!


Yay! It's really paying off!

I love this picture. It's wonderful with spring. :D

Baby! Aww.

OMG! They got one more. Now we can relax. :)

Probably Samantha. She is the most demanding of them all. They all got Sam's genetics so I'm worried I have got the "first-born-glitch". In that case, I'll swap their genetics to something else when they become toddlers. 

Serena's second birthday! No guests this time. Aofie didn't even have time to put on some decent clothes..

Gosh, she is adorable. She really is growing on me. 

Proud parents!

They got a second floor but it's not furnished or anything. They only thing up there is Serena's bed.

They can't even afford windows yet. ^^  Swinging times nevertheless. 

I'm not sure whether she looks happy or terrified. x)

The water melted! Fishing times!

I'm not really looking forward to the toddler days. I'm glad that's next week!

Sam got to be the man of the house. 

Not his forté but he managed to fix it. And this is where the second week ends! Three new citizens in Mistmoor. Next up is the King's household and there's four kids there as well. It's gonna be hectic. Fortunately, they're three adults over there. :)

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