04 June 2012 @ 05:26 pm
Week 2 - Osheai  

Second week begins with Cardiff moving out and into the King's household since he and Anne
had three (!) sons last week. She will need two more helping hands.  

Piretta is taking over the business but Harris is the one who "works" there and sells great stuff to everybody! 

And we now have playable costumers! 

Taxes is paid.

And all households now have a phone! It's really nice to have this kind of progress and unlocked features. :)

Sam walks by. Piretta is aware of the fact that he got a daughter with Aofie last week but she is determined to not let him go that easy. She is a familysim and she want kids! Talking about the weather should do the trick..


Harris is unstoppable, selling things to his wife-to-be. ^^

That went a lot faster when there were more than just one costumer. 

Freya doesn't seem to enjoy Harris register skills. 

Good work there!

Piretta is the only one creating stuff for the store now so this is where one finds her most of the time.

Harris, being a knowledge sim, likes to end the day studying something. He was really interested in cooking this week.

Inside joke telling in the bathroom. Yeah!

Catherine often calls to tell the latest news about Nelson, their son. I am really surprised
that Harris became the first father of two kids. ^^


Harris also wanted to be able to produce articles to the store so he got himself a robot
making station. They don't really need that bedroom now anyway. 

It's winter in Mistmoor. I think it's really beautiful!

The phone is ringing constantly now, maybe they all missed the possibility to
communicate easily when the first moved from the civilization. 

The weather talking became a success. 

This is a typical picture of the second week in this family. The store need goods. ^^

Harris is so sweet. <3

We all now what this means..

Yeah, plop it is! We will have secret half siblings! 

Freya and Elsie came to visit and played some chess. I haven't decided whether Harris will move
in with Freya or Freya with Harris yet. Suggestions are welcome. :)

Harris maximized his mechanics hobby. 


And spring came!

Maybe frozen plumbing that warms up by the spring sun have something to do
with all the broken bathrooms stuff. 

But Harris is king when it comes to repairing stuff. :)

I love the different seasons! 

Time to open the store again. 

Cariff came by and Harris tells him everything is going great. 

Harris seem to have babies on his mind! He's gonna be the father of the whole town if no one stops him. ^^

Pop number 2!

Piretta has become great friends with Freya. I think it's really suiting. 

Told you everything is breaking down.

Harris wanted to celebrate. If it's the success of the store or Piretta's child we can only guess.. 

With a new addition to the family on the way it was time to add another room to the second floor. 

This is the nursery. Warm yellow with blue details. I'm really happy with it.

Piretta is enjoying the new addition too.

Spring love!

And suddenly it's time! It's always in pajamas..

Harris has weak nerves, apparently. ^^

Say hello to May! 

Happiness in the Osheai family!

May has Piretta's skintone and Sam's eyes. 

Harris makes some Crepes Suzette to celebrate the birth of May. 

That's not the way to enjoy the food in Harris's eyes. ^^

Piretta is definitely enjoying motherhood though. That she now how to. <3

Harris decides to end the week with some treasure digging but ends up hitting a water pipe. Maybe all this
digging has something to do with the breaking of water appliances? :P

Harris knows how to fix everything though. He is such a manly man!

That's the end of week to in the Osheai household!

Notes: Such a nice week! I was so happy that the playable customers problem got resolved so the business could have some progress! And Piretta and Sam had their secret child, I think Piretta is worth it and since Sam is such a ladies man it's rather fitting. Like I said in the update I haven't decided whether Harris should move in with Freya and their son Bob or the other way around. If you have any thoughts about that you're more than welcome to share them! Next up is Sam, Aofie and Serena. :)
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