22 April 2012 @ 05:13 pm
My Pleasantview - Neighbourhood  

I've successfully installe [profile] meetme2theriver berhood and I want to give those pre-made hoods a try. I've 
never actually played those households or given them makeovers. I want to make over all lots and families before
actually playing. I have no idea if I'll ever finish this but it's a fun project nevertheless. :)

First up is a couple of neighborhood shots. I've always thought of PV as a small, delicate and clean town. I don't
really like the empty feeling it has as default so I've moved some lots and added loads of trees. ^^ Actually, I thought
I went a bit overboard with the trees so I've deleted some since I took those pics.

I'm going to update my posts with new pictures when I make changes instead of making new posts all the time.
Just a teaser pic to lead the reader to the right post. That's why there'll be a bit of spamming this first day since I 
want to have one post for neighborhood pics, one for family makeovers and one for empty lot makeovers. 

Happy Simming!
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