16 March 2012 @ 10:08 am
Week 1 - Müller  

Engelbert's house is not much at this time but I think it has got potential when money starts rolling in. 

Skilling, not much else to do when you live alone.

He really has a special taste in women. Gosh!

Queuing for dinner.  

Cardiff? What are you doing?

And now Engelbert can take a job in the Law career!

He was lucky, an opening on the first day!

Engelbert and Harris are really good friends. 

He loves sports, just loves it. 

I'd love to have someone to wohoo with. But how do I find one?

Harris: It's all about the charisma pal, you'll have to work on that skill. Just use that mirror of yours and things
will work out find, I promise!

Engelbert: I thought working for peace would do the job. Doesn't women get turned on by that? 

Me: oh, Engelbert, you're so cute! I can be your wife. 

Engelbert isn't successful in treasure hunting, just digging up rocks and bones. 


First day at work!


Engelbert bought a telescope and started building his logic skill. I've got plans for him. ^^

So lonely. 

It's just the mustache Catherine, beneath that he's not all that bad.. 

Engelbert wanted company and he got a wormrat called Benji. 

He gives Benji all his love and that's a lot! 

You couldn't have wished for a better home Benji. 

More bones, yay!

Harris and Engelbert became best friends. :)

I'm sorry Engelbert but I think you'll have to wait. :(

You must be kidding Sam, you've already got two girls and one kid!

I have no idea what Sam is up to. Do we want to know?

aaand, another bone!

I can't help but smile when he makes those faces throwing a small ball. Men and sports... ^^

They're all sorts of adorable!

He spent all Sunday evening staring at the stars and wondering what more could be up there. 

Hobby guy came by. All my hobby guys are cute! 

That sums up Engelbert's first week. He made friends with Elsie and will get a promotion when he goes to work
on monday. Maybe I'll be able to lock up townies soon so he'll be able to find someone to give all his love!


Notes: This was the last family in Mistmoor. I'd like to sum up each week with family portraits, I saw someone else
doing something like that but I don't remember who. I think it's a great way to summarize and keep track of all the 
family ties. So next up is portraits and summary post! 

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