13 March 2012 @ 08:32 pm
Week 1 - King  

Aofie wants Sam, that's obvious. 

Obligatory planting of crops. 

Aofie really did spend a lot of time fishing at Sam's place, this is the evidence! 

Anne is the worst chef. 

Aofie should take over the cuisine related tasks in this home.

Engelbert stayed for a delicious dinner...

Is that success I see in those eyes? Time will tell. 

No comment..

Well, well, we have a pregnant Catherine in the house. :)

Nobody is attracted by Engelbert and he's dreaming about kids. I wonder what he'd say about alien kids? 


Catherine does not want anyone to touch her belly, no way.

That's so convenient when expecting a baby. :)

Well, hello there!

They're the cutest ever, promise.

Cardiff also came to visit. ^^

Love factory. 

Poor Catherine chased by bees all around the garden. 

Anne has a secret to tell. Cardiff is happy to hear it. <3


I can't decide whether this is creepy or sweet, watching over her. 

Night time gardening for the win. 

Secret revealed!

Catherine can't really make up her mind about Harris, it's probably the pregnancy and the hormones. 

Happy pregnant woman is happy!

Aofie doesn't think about anything else than love, ever! Always that dreamy look in her face. 


Birth time! 

Elsie is worried. 

The cutest ever. This is Nelson. <3

Go to bed Aofie, stop applauding Nelson!

I'm in love, seriously!

Sam stays the night to look after Aofie, he doesn't want her to loose their child. 

Catherine loves to create flower bouquets and has decided to earn a bronze badge. 

In this household everybody helps out with the kids. 




Cardiff will be a wonderful dad, that's for sure. 

Best friends sleep together, of course. Aofie is not sleeping alone since she almost lost her baby.

I think this is the way she thanks him for giving her the most beautiful child. ^^

Harris is super kind but Anne doesn't want compliments she feels fat not beautiful. (pregnant mood)

Oh no...

First comes Dylan.

And then Leo. 

But that's not all!

This is Blake. 

All are boys! We now have four boys, where are the girls I wonder? 

Lots of babies!



Those smelly bottles are now a part of the decoration! 

Hobby guy is gorgeous! He might have to join one of the families in the future. ^^


Elsie comes by and Catherine gives her one of her bouquets, as a thank you for the opportunity to come along
this expedition. 

Harris thinks both Elsie and Catherine are hot! 

God help me!

More kids!

Elsie is around for the birth once again. Not so worried this time.

And it's a girl! Her name is Serena. 

That's all, pew, for the first week in the King's household. Next up is Engelbert, will he or will he not have alien kids?
That's the question! So long. :)
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