22 February 2012 @ 10:11 am
Week 1 - Jernigan  

Starting out with some bird watching. Sam looks a bit sad. I wonder what's on his mind.

He tried out the work bench and tried to make some toys. 

He didn't really enjoy it though. Always the dreamy look in his eyes.

Piretta came by and ACR kicked in, hard. They share two bolts. 

Sam is mr charming! 

To business!

Feeling satisfied..

Then he pulled this face and I thought, gosh he must been through some really sad
times. He's going straight into my  heart!

Beautiful Aofie, stopped by and stroke a pose. I love her too.

Piretta literally can't take her eyes of Sam. 

Talking about kissing


Time to start a garden. Must. Have. Food. 

Aofie came by again. Sam couldn't take his eyes of her. 

And ACR kicked in a second time. 


They share one bolt but Sam is constantly thinking of Aofie. 

Catherine King.

Sam decides to try fishing instead of toy making. 

Aofie joins him.

Sam seems to be a really lousy fisherman. Not a single fish in probably 10 hours. 

Aofie caught loads of them!

Still sad faces. 

Night gardening.

Aofie came by every day.

Love is in the air!

Sam is obsessed with ice cream. That's what he says he misses the most from the
city life. I think it's just a facade though. Those sad faces are telling me he misses 
something way more hug-able. 

 - Eggs are delicious! 

Still no fish for Sam...


And Piretta is back. Sam can't make up his mind. I'm just waiting for the jingles to 
happen, that would solve it all. :) At least for the time being.

Sam's living room. 

With all this lovin' Sam is neglecting his garden.  

He is very easily distracted. I fear for his future. He's going to starve.

He is falling in love with Piretta but Aofie is walking by at the exact moment and he
just have to look at her. Piretta is unaware of it all, as of yet.


Finally! Fish, fish, fish!

And then he tried to give Aofie a kiss when Piretta was standing just across the pond.
Both he and Aofie doesn't seem to be regretting anything though. Poor Piretta.

First spot in the Law enforcement career is open! 

Maybe Aofie is feeling guilty after all. 

The girls seem to talk it through. 

And then Sam walked into the kitchen and the look in Aofies eyes made me aaww!

Sam couldn't resist it either. 

And Piretta is still here!

Staying the night. 

Still not taking good care of his garden aka food. 

Cardiff came by and teased Sam. He wanted to somehow make Sam pay for playing
with his sister's feelings.

Piretta wanted to apologize for her behavior the other day. Stupid girl in love.

 - No problem. You've got nice boobs. *Staring at them*

 - Want to be my friend? 

Winter came.


A couple of plants miraculously survived Sam's non-existent care. He got some untasty
tomatoes to fill up his fridge. Maybe he won't starve to death.  

Piretta and Sam became best friends again. 

Aofie walked by, looking gorgeous as always. 

Sam was taking a bath and didn't notice. No more drama this week as it seems. 

Catherine showed her evil side and destroyed Sam's snowman. A fun task if you ask her. 

And Sam ends his week with a good book. 

Notes: I have no idea who Sam is going to choose. Even though he shares two bolts with Piretta and only one with Aofie he only rolls wants and fears for Aofie. Time will tell. Sam's LTW is to reach the top of the oceanography career so that's why he is fishing all the time. Next up is the King's! I'm so excited to see what happens. :) 
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