08 February 2012 @ 03:54 pm
Week 1 - Osheai  

The second household in the rotation is the Osheai siblings. Here are their two story 
house with garden and a few gardening plots.

Ground floor

First floor 

Piretta learning some cooking skills.

Harris doing the same. The only sound you can hear are the turning of pages.. 

Cardiff, trying to create some pot holders to his cuisine-interested siblings. Success?

A try to get some money. 

Cardiff almost had an heart attack. 

More success for Harris, though, if I'm not mistaking, he only found some bone. 

They spent the first day hard working outside. Tomato plants were planted and more 
bones were found. 

- what if we find a super valuable sculpture when we treasure hunt! 

Piretta showed her classy style. Not to Harris liking. 

Cardiff is very playful and you can find him playing in the tub at least once a day. 

Piretta's favorite hobby is Arts & Crafts, she spends most of her hours sewing potholders.

Harris, not so excited by cooking. I figured the stove they brought ran on gas and didn't
actually need electricity. No oven though.

Hey, we've got our mechanics expert! Harris destiny was settled.

Catherine came by and Harris ran out to meet her. I find it funny since they're only have
1-bolt that they're so much into one another.

Straight to bed it is!

More skilling. 

They're all so nice, the Osheai siblings. 

..and Cardiff found a super valuable sculpture! 4 000§ kaching! Since Cardiff is a fortune
sim I decided he was going to start a home business selling all the pot holders Piretta 
was creating. 

Gardening in underwear. Everyday in this home.  

Yay, now it's time to fill up the inventory with teddy bears!

A small shop, selling pot holders was built.

First and only customer, the garden lady! None of the other settlers come to the shop
and I have no clue why. They even stopped visiting after the shop was built. 

Not so fast with the cash register. But he'll learn, eventually. 

Garden lady got a makeover first time I saw her and this is her look. Cutie! 

I'm sure business will get better Cardiff. 

Things got messy when both the toilet and the sink broke. 

Everthing went super smooth. Harris and Piretta became best friends. Piretta continued
sewing, Cardiff sold many pot holders to the garden lady & Harris studied mechanics.

Bathing every day keeps the doctor away?


- I really think I look stunning in this pink night gown, don't you think Harris?
- I'm eating a sandwich..

First sparkling meal means first harvest is done. They even managed to get tasty 
tomatoes on their first try. No unexpected or interesting events in this house, no sir. 

- What do you think of my night gown Cardiff?

Harris has soon maximized his mechanic skill and Cardiff sneaks into the bathroom
to play with the tub once again.

- hey guys, you should try this out it's lots of fun! 

Such a beauty and none of the guys that came with the expedition was good enough for
her. Such a shame. 


Cardiff now sells Piretta's astonishing art as well as her pot holders. 

Feeling arty..

And she's in the zone. 

Harris began climbing the next skill ladder. He is to nice for his own good though, making
this face every time he makes a move to knock out a piece. Naw.

Notes: Things were very calm the whole week and almost boring. Since my game decided that no other customers than the garden lady could visit Cardiff's shop it got rather lonely. I thought Anne would come by lots of times since she and Cardiff couldn't get enough of each other when they first met but she didn't show up a single time! I'll move the store to a community lot when I can and I'm hoping that'll fix the problem. Next up are Sam!
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