12 March 2013 @ 06:11 pm
The Duckworth Legacy 2.4  

It has been a while but here is a new update!

 photo ScreenShot124.jpg
Dana, almost being cute despite having scary features. 

 photo ScreenShot125.jpg
Zoe, being just as cute as ever.

 photo ScreenShot164.jpg  photo ScreenShot165.jpg
Quality time with daddy.

 photo ScreenShot166.jpg
Leeloo, as beautiful as ever.

 photo ScreenShot169.jpg
The Duckworth's are soaked in geenie lamps! x) I think it's due to permanent plumbobs.

 photo ScreenShot170.jpg

 photo ScreenShot171.jpg
Lucky is the friendliest of dogs. Such a sweetie all the time. <3

 photo ScreenShot175.jpg

 photo ScreenShot176.jpg

 photo ScreenShot177.jpg
Quality time..

 photo ScreenShot179.jpg
It's summer so Zoe rolls wants for selling lemonade all the time.

 photo ScreenShot180.jpg

 photo ScreenShot181.jpg
No Dana, don't play with Lucky's food!

Stats of the twins.
 photo ScreenShot183.jpg

 photo ScreenShot184.jpg

 photo ScreenShot172.jpg

 photo ScreenShot173.jpg

Text spams:
 photo ScreenShot174.jpg

 photo ScreenShot189.jpg

 photo ScreenShot190.jpg

 photo ScreenShot191.jpg

 photo ScreenShot192.jpg
We all know you could never resist a dance. I  wasn't sure they'd all like you're "special" moves though.
Good for you that they worked this time, better than uni. 

 photo ScreenShot193.jpg
Jodey is more tired nowadays. She often takes a nap in the middle of the day.

 photo ScreenShot194.jpg
Well, who wouldn't be tired when living with these to "happy" girls?

 photo ScreenShot196.jpg
This is when I decided that Leelo and Charlie should get makeovers to show that they are parents of three 
girls. In other words, they're not 20 years old anymore. I think Leeloo looks good in more motherly looks. ^^ 

 photo ScreenShot186.jpg
Charlie will always look a little childish but the years have started showing on him nevertheless.

 photo ScreenShot197.jpg

 photo ScreenShot199.jpg

 photo ScreenShot200.jpg
Zoe just walks around with a happy smile on her face all the time. Almost stupidly happy..

 photo ScreenShot203.jpg
Go Charlie! They must have seen you're new lawyer-ly looks!

 photo ScreenShot204.jpg

 photo ScreenShot205.jpg
Thank God!

 photo ScreenShot206.jpg

 photo ScreenShot207.jpg
Yes Vimpse, they have a greenhouse. x)

 photo ScreenShot208.jpg
Jodey is the best of grandmas.

 photo ScreenShot210.jpg
And I just couldn't let her yet go so I got her wish for a few more days.

 photo ScreenShot212.jpg
Congrats Charlie-boy!

 photo ScreenShot214.jpg
That suit though, eeew!

 photo ScreenShot215.jpg
I  just noticed that Leelo thinks Colin is really hot. And he sure does look "hot". x)

 photo ScreenShot216.jpg

 photo ScreenShot217.jpg

 photo ScreenShot219.jpg
Summer, kids and dogs. It's just a perfect combo.

 photo ScreenShot221.jpg
B-day time!

 photo ScreenShot222.jpg
Dana is first. With her stuck glowing state and all. Charlie shows the natural Duckworth excitement for birthdays or
maybe he's just as relieved as me to get rid of two toddler girls. ^^

 photo ScreenShot223.jpg

 photo ScreenShot224.jpg
And here we have our lovely Dana!

 photo ScreenShot226.jpg
And this cutie patootie is Malory of course! 

 photo ScreenShot229.jpg
You have got heir competition now Zoe! x)

 photo ScreenShot230.jpg
The twins birthday was celebrated with a family afternoon/evening at the pool. 

 photo ScreenShot231.jpg
 photo ScreenShot237.jpg 

Both Dana and Malory has fitness as their OTH.

 photo ScreenShot232.jpg

 photo ScreenShot234.jpg
Lucky enjoys a good pool day too!

 photo ScreenShot235.jpg

 photo ScreenShot236.jpg

 photo ScreenShot238.jpg
Cuteness overload!

 photo ScreenShot239.jpg

 photo ScreenShot240.jpg

 photo ScreenShot241.jpg
Marco Polo everyone! x) (It was hilarious to watch actually)

 photo ScreenShot242.jpg

 photo ScreenShot243.jpg

 photo ScreenShot244.jpg
I decided that with three kids they needed a playground. They're ridiculously rich after all.

 photo ScreenShot245.jpg

 photo ScreenShot246.jpg

 photo ScreenShot248.jpg
Jodey seemed a bit depressed so I decided that she invited Trias for company.

 photo ScreenShot249.jpg
And this is what they did. Of course..

 photo ScreenShot250.jpg  photo ScreenShot251.jpg
More money... They don't need more money! 160 000 simoleons are more than enough.

 photo ScreenShot253.jpg

 photo ScreenShot254.jpg
Fawn walked by, still magically pregnant. x)

 photo ScreenShot255.jpg
Last day of summer. Jodey grilled some hot dogs and even though Zoe doesn't look like she enjoys it the girls
had all wants to eat grilled hot dogs. :P

 photo ScreenShot256.jpg
Awesome mustache. Guess if they got a 10 000§ worth flat screen...

 photo ScreenShot258.jpg
And then this happens! OMG!

 photo ScreenShot259.jpg

 photo ScreenShot260.jpg

 photo ScreenShot261.jpg
Moahaha! I haven't had alien kids in ages so I was pretty excited!

 photo ScreenShot262.jpg

 photo ScreenShot264.jpg
Vladdy is raging as usual. He is always raging about that bed. 

 photo ScreenShot265.jpg

 photo ScreenShot267.jpg
Classy landing..

 photo ScreenShot269.jpg

 photo ScreenShot270.jpg
And with this awesome face we leave the Duckworths for now!

I have one more update ready to be posted so stay close!
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[personal profile] carizzo08 on March 12th, 2013 06:16 pm (UTC)
I love Charlie and Leeloo's makeovers. Not too much of a change but just enough. And I feel like the next spouse needs to not be a redhead. So...much...ginger...
[personal profile] allisas on March 12th, 2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
I'm glad you like them! I think they came out really good. :) The next spouse will definitely not be a redhead. It's a promise!
[personal profile] vimpse on March 12th, 2013 08:41 pm (UTC)
Ohhh, giving them more "adult" makeovers is a good idea. I was scrolling-and-looking first and then reading the captions and when I got to Leeloo's picture I was like "o.o who's that!" - they look great though. :D

Also, greenhouse. x)
[personal profile] allisas on March 13th, 2013 04:56 pm (UTC)
^^ She definitely got a completely new look! I think I like her even more now though.. Someone commented that Charlie still looked like a teenager on my last update so I thought it would be a good idea to change that. :P