14 March 2013 @ 10:42 pm
The Duckworth Legacy 2.5  

 photo ScreenShot271.jpg
You never get too old for playing, apparently..

 photo ScreenShot272.jpg
Leelo: Argh! Come on, hit me you fat old man!

 photo ScreenShot273.jpg
Leeloo needs logic points to get a promotion. She works in the culinary career. 

 photo ScreenShot274.jpg

 photo ScreenShot275.jpg
Dana isn't satisfied with her grades.

 photo ScreenShot276.jpg

 photo ScreenShot277.jpg

 photo ScreenShot278.jpg

 photo ScreenShot279.jpg
The kids love to play on their new playground!

 photo ScreenShot280.jpg

 photo ScreenShot281.jpg

 photo ScreenShot283.jpg
Leeloo, has a  new favorite meal, eggplant juice.

 photo ScreenShot284.jpg

 photo ScreenShot285.jpg

 photo ScreenShot286.jpg
Alien Pop no:1!

 photo ScreenShot287.jpg

 photo ScreenShot288.jpg

 photo ScreenShot289.jpg
Cute Zoe!

 photo ScreenShot291.jpg

 photo ScreenShot293.jpg
I think Lucky is familiar with all the townies soon. She is the most playful/friendly dog I've ever seen in game!

 photo ScreenShot294.jpg
(notice matching shirt and curtain)

 photo ScreenShot295.jpg
The Duckworth Mansion. x) It's soo big..

 photo ScreenShot298.jpg
Leelo: MOAR! 

 photo ScreenShot299.jpg
Since they have a ridiculous amount of money Charlie keeps giving the gardener crazy tips. ^^ 

 photo ScreenShot300.jpg

 photo ScreenShot302.jpg
Pregnancy is hard on Charlie.

 photo ScreenShot304.jpg

 photo ScreenShot305.jpg

 photo ScreenShot306.jpg
Leeloo! Aren't you supposed to be a chef?

 photo ScreenShot307.jpg

 photo ScreenShot308.jpg

 photo ScreenShot309.jpg
Pop no:2! Excited!

 photo ScreenShot310.jpg
Jodey is getting really old and she is more and more tired these days.(Also first time I've ever used this chair!)

 photo ScreenShot312.jpg
Zoe turns into teen!

 photo ScreenShot313.jpg
Not too tired for b-day excitement á la Duckworth!

 photo ScreenShot314.jpg

 photo ScreenShot316.jpg

 photo ScreenShot317.jpg

 photo ScreenShot319.jpg
Still crazily cute. <3

 photo ScreenShot320.jpg
She rolled knowledge with a thing for creative aliens!

<Zoe Spam>
 photo ScreenShot321.jpg

 photo ScreenShot322.jpg

 photo ScreenShot323.jpg

 photo ScreenShot324.jpg
</Zoe Spam>

And then! :,(

 photo ScreenShot325.jpg

 photo ScreenShot326.jpg
It's so sad.

 photo ScreenShot328.jpg
But it's time for Jodey to pass away.

 photo ScreenShot330.jpg
That's a devastated face, I'm telling you!

 photo ScreenShot331.jpg
Zoe can't really grasp that it's actually happening.

 photo ScreenShot332.jpg
12 People! That's kind of many..

 photo ScreenShot333.jpg
She now rests right next to her beloved Vladimir. <3

 photo ScreenShot334.jpg

 photo ScreenShot335.jpg
Leeloo was at work when it happened.. No happy news to come home to after a long workday.

 photo ScreenShot337.jpg
On a happy note though! The next morning it was time for Charlie to give birth!

 photo ScreenShot338.jpg

 photo ScreenShot340.jpg
Thank god that it's only one. :D

 photo ScreenShot341.jpg

 photo ScreenShot344.jpg
Zoe: My dad just got a green skinned baby, MY DAD JUST GOT A GREEN SKINNED BABY! GASP!

 photo ScreenShot345.jpg
Harry Potter names <3

 photo ScreenShot346.jpg
Four girls. That's really a handful. Luna got red hair too, of course... x)

 photo ScreenShot347.jpg
She has Vladimir's brown eyes though. It's nice.

 photo ScreenShot348.jpg

 photo ScreenShot349.jpg
This is Zoe's LTW by the way. :P

 photo ScreenShot351.jpg

 photo ScreenShot352.jpg

 photo ScreenShot353.jpg

 photo ScreenShot354.jpg
Vladimir, what are you doing? He is the most annoying ghost. Always turning on the TV and Stereo.
He also broke the lamp on this table eventually. The graves are definitely moving to a
community grave yard soon!

 photo ScreenShot355.jpg
Charlie never learns, apparently..

 photo ScreenShot356.jpg

 photo ScreenShot357.jpg
Leeloo is a classy lady.

 photo ScreenShot358.jpg

 photo ScreenShot359.jpg

 photo ScreenShot360.jpg
In true Duckworth style! x)

 photo ScreenShot361.jpg

 photo ScreenShot362.jpg
Zoe: I wish, I wish..

 photo ScreenShot363.jpg
..for a first kiss!

 photo ScreenShot364.jpg

 photo ScreenShot366.jpg

 photo ScreenShot367.jpg
Impressive hairstyle dude!

 photo ScreenShot368.jpg
Nawww <3

 photo ScreenShot369.jpg

 photo ScreenShot370.jpg

 photo ScreenShot372.jpg

 photo ScreenShot373.jpg

 photo ScreenShot374.jpg

 photo ScreenShot375.jpg

 photo ScreenShot376.jpg
They had a one night fling. Cute but no deeper feelings were developed. :P

 photo ScreenShot377.jpg

 photo ScreenShot378.jpg
Birthday again!

 photo ScreenShot379.jpg

 photo ScreenShot381.jpg
adsdfsjfks! It's the first time I'm using Poppet's multi PT hack and it's so lovely! <33

 photo ScreenShot382.jpg
The twins also grew up the same afternoon! ^^

 photo ScreenShot383.jpg

 photo ScreenShot384.jpg

 photo ScreenShot385.jpg

 photo ScreenShot386.jpg
Romance with a thing for blondes in bathing clothes.

 photo ScreenShot388.jpg
and Dana is a pleasure sim with the hots for black hair and athletic sims.
Suits her well since she has fitness as OTH.

 photo ScreenShot390.jpg
Dana post makeover <3

 photo ScreenShot393.jpg
And Malory! 

 photo ScreenShot394.jpg
She gets an extra pic because I couldn't choose. ^^ 

 photo ScreenShot395.jpg

And we end this long update with Luna. <3 More updates to come! 

Thanks for reading!

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[personal profile] carizzo08 on March 15th, 2013 01:38 am (UTC)
First of all, kids are all adorable and I lvoe Luna so much. Probably because Luna is my favorite non main character in Harry Potter.

Second off, where did you get the aliens as a turn on? I'm assuming it's a hack from somewhere...it'd be nice to have it in my game. :)
[personal profile] allisas on March 16th, 2013 09:30 am (UTC)
Luna is awesome! I love her in HP too. ^^ Definitely a fav.

The alien turn-on is a download from modthesims here. It replaces the "custom hair" turn-on since that apparently is borked and doesn't work. The download includes a few other fixes as well which I didn't know of before. :)

Edited 2013-03-16 09:33 am (UTC)
[personal profile] carizzo08 on March 16th, 2013 05:30 pm (UTC)
Awesome! Thank you. :)
[personal profile] vimpse on March 15th, 2013 07:38 am (UTC)
Ahhhh, Poppet's PTs! <3 Is Luna spawn of Mu or Carina? I've never seen abduction-babies born with "sim-colored" eyes before - they always get alien eyes when I play.

Dana is my favorite I think, at least after she aged into a teen... I thought she was kind of weird-looking before, but now she's awesome!
[personal profile] allisas on March 16th, 2013 09:39 am (UTC)
Poppet's PTs are pure love. <3 I don't really remember but I thinkn it's Mu. I'll check next time I load the family. ^^ I guess the eyes might be because I have some mods that are supposed to change the genetic value for all default eyes.. I have one for hair color but I don't think it works. ^^

Dana is cool! I don't normally do "alternative styled" sims but it suits Dana so well! :D
[personal profile] selahgio on July 9th, 2013 04:01 am (UTC)
Oh God everyone is so cute!
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