25 March 2013 @ 12:11 pm
The Duckworth Legacy 2.6  

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Mal is discussing serious things with Charlie.

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Meanwhile, Dana is not so serious..

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Zoe is acting as an extra mother to Luna.

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Aw, Zoe you're so cute.

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Luna <3

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The twins has romance related LTWs

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Malory (I think)
 photo ScreenShot013.jpg
Malory wants to find someone to kiss.

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Those fish names! x)

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Claire is still coming by sometimes. It's almost creepy that she is a teen still. ^^

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 photo ScreenShot024.jpg
B-day for Luna.

 photo ScreenShot025.jpg
Yay! Dana is showing her Duckwroth spirit. Mal, not so much. x)

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Zoe has a female love interest. A redhead... I must get rid of all redheads!

 photo ScreenShot033.jpg
Why are you waving Luna?

 photo ScreenShot034.jpg
aah, Zoe headed of to Uni.

 photo ScreenShot035.jpg
Dana uses her parents bed.. 

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 photo ScreenShot037.jpg
I wonder if Luna realizes that she has alien genes?

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 photo ScreenShot041.jpg
Dana realized that her one true hobby wasn't actually games but fitness as most of the Duckworths.
So she started working out like a maniac!

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The twins got a re-decorated bedroom now that Zoe moved away.

 photo ScreenShot045.jpg
And someone fell in love..

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 photo ScreenShot048.jpg
Luna moved up to a bedroom upstairs and got an ant farm. She is a nature sim.

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 photo ScreenShot050.jpg
Well, she is a pleasure sim after all..

 photo ScreenShot051.jpg
Already old?!

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 photo ScreenShot053.jpg
Good for you Charlie.

 photo ScreenShot055.jpg
Charlie has also realized that his OTH is fitness and has decided that he wants to become fit.

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Pretty hobby girl.

 photo ScreenShot057.jpg
This must be Charlie's signature face. x)

 photo ScreenShot059.jpg
Charlie wanted the girls to get into private school soo..

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 photo ScreenShot062.jpg

 photo ScreenShot063.jpg
He rocks the elder look!

 photo ScreenShot064.jpg
You're so easily impressed Mr headmaster.

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 photo ScreenShot072.jpg
Lucky is still here. She is a great dog and keep making all the household members play fetch, at all hours. 

 photo ScreenShot073.jpg
Luna got an A. :)

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 photo ScreenShot075.jpg
Soon time for the twins to got to college too.

 photo ScreenShot076.jpg
This made me giggle. ^^ Luna wants to join the older kids! They normally use this tub to wash Lucky. :P

 photo ScreenShot077.jpg
Luna also talks a lot about sumo wrestling!

 photo ScreenShot078.jpg

 photo ScreenShot079.jpg
You go Leeloo! Leeloo's LTW is to own 5 top leveled businesses but that's not going to happen I'm afraid.
She will have to settle for the culinary career.

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 photo ScreenShot082.jpg

 photo ScreenShot083.jpg

 photo ScreenShot084.jpg
Charlie reached his fitness goal!

 photo ScreenShot085.jpg
Poor Zoe. It's always Vladimir, he's an evil ghost.

 photo ScreenShot086.jpg
Malory: ehrmagahd, it's a guy!

 photo ScreenShot087.jpg
Trying out her smooth talking skills.

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 photo ScreenShot089.jpg
Dana likes to go jogging in the middle of the night, absolutely normal..

 photo ScreenShot091.jpg

 photo ScreenShot092.jpg
I installed a new mod which allows sims to sleep longer in the morning depending on how lazy they are. Malory is
always sleeping all morning if she can. ^^I  think it's brilliant, not all wants to go out of bed at six just because
their beds are such high level beds.

 photo ScreenShot093.jpg

 photo ScreenShot096.jpg
Malory is surely showing her lazy side these days. Spending all day in pajamas, watching movies.

 photo ScreenShot098.jpg
But then she also shows her romance side by giving this guy a booty call. x)

 photo ScreenShot099.jpg
Luna takes her opportunity to talk some more sumo wrestling.. x)

 photo ScreenShot100.jpg
dat mustache

 photo ScreenShot101.jpg
Time for college!

 photo ScreenShot103.jpg

 photo ScreenShot104.jpg
Malory: Wait Dana, what are you doing?! You can't leave without me?!

 photo ScreenShot105.jpg
Malory runs inside to call her own cab.

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 photo ScreenShot107.jpg

 photo ScreenShot108.jpg
Now Luna is the only child in the house. It's sweet how Leelo and Charlie can give her all their attention now.

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 photo ScreenShot110.jpg
Luna reminds me of Fawn who also talked constantly at dinner. 

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 photo ScreenShot113.jpg

 photo ScreenShot114.jpg
Soon time for more weddings maybe?

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 photo ScreenShot124.jpg
It's time for Leeloo to grow old. Since both Leeloo and Charlie has rolled wants to throw parties for a long time I
decided to grant their wishes.

 photo ScreenShot125.jpg
Fawn (still miraculously pregnant) and Penny came to celebrate.

 photo ScreenShot127.jpg
It's bound to be a roof raiser. x)

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 photo ScreenShot131.jpg

 photo ScreenShot132.jpg

 photo ScreenShot133.jpg

 photo ScreenShot134.jpg
All the excitement!

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 photo ScreenShot136.jpg

 photo ScreenShot138.jpg
Luna keeps talking. I'd not be surprised if her parents ears fell off.

 photo ScreenShot139.jpg
Charlie and Leeloo decides to end the party by singing a duet. <3

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 photo ScreenShot141.jpg

 photo ScreenShot143.jpg

 photo ScreenShot144.jpg

 photo ScreenShot145.jpg

 photo ScreenShot147.jpg
I think Charlie is quite satisfied with his life this far.

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Next time: College!
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