04 June 2013 @ 12:18 am
My Pleasantview - Dreamer  

My absolute favorite makeover of all time, the Dreamer house! I just loved doing this and I had this vision from the beginning  and really feel like I went outside my comfort zone. It's an old factory house turned into a artsy home with one and a half level  and generous spaces. Come on in and have a look! 

Darren doesn't really care much about the garden so it tends to get a bit overgrown with tall grass. The ivy climbs the facades every summer and almost wraps the whole brick building in it's greenery.

The inside is basically a large painter's studio with rough materials. 

The kitchen and dining nook follows the industrial theme.

Darren sleeps on the loft, it's not idealistic but works for now. 

Dirk is more into tinkering than painting which shows in his room. He's also responsible for the car wreck in the yard. It's the love of his life he tells Darren, bringing that old car back to it's former glory.

And here they are, the Dreamers!

Darleen is resting in the backyard, her grave, covered with flowers all summer.
Floor Plans

I love how it looks when you approach it. Like it actually belongs, it's been standing there for many years.

It's the Main Street of Pleasantview. Just outside the town center.

Thanks for stopping by!
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Colors :D
So awesome I love the colors :3
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