08 July 2013 @ 12:13 am
The Duckworth Legacy 2.7  

It's time for the University years!
 photo 4.jpg
And here, for all who has forgotten, we have Zoe. She's the oldest of third generation kids.

 photo 5.jpg
She is has moved in to a dorm made by slyndsey. I just changed it slightly by
transforming one of the dorm rooms to a common room.

 photo 3.jpg

 photo 2.jpg

 photo 1.jpg
Zoe's bedroom. I love that she has a picture of her grand parents on the wall. <3

 photo 9.jpg

 photo 10.jpg

 photo 11.jpg
Zoe is a classy lady..

 photo 12.jpg
And so the uni-life begins. Studies and gaming, what else is there?

 photo 13.jpg
Redhead alert!

 photo 14.jpg

 photo 15.jpg
I swear that my game only spawns red haired sims, it's a curse.

 photo 16.jpg
At least, Zoe doesn't seem to mind.

 photo 17.jpg
"and then they fell a-kissing.."

 photo 18.jpg
Zoe hired a gardener to her dorm. x)

 photo 19.jpg

 photo 20.jpg
OMG look it's a blond sim!

 photo 21.jpg
Time for essay. Imagine being able to do a marathon writing session in real
life when you just finish it no matter what. x)

 photo 22.jpg
Cute brunette who also is one of the dormies.

 photo 23.jpg
Synchronized awkward smiling.

 photo 24.jpg

 photo 25.jpg

 photo 26.jpg

 photo 27.jpg
Yay! One year done! [*cough* uni is boring *cough*]

 photo 28.jpg
Girl friends!

 photo 29.jpg

 photo 30.jpg

 photo 31.jpg

 photo 32.jpg
Allow me to giggle. ^__^

 photo 33.jpg

 photo 34.jpg
Uni is not only boring it's also tiresome.

 photo 35.jpg

 photo 36.jpg
"If I don't look at him I can pretend that he's not lying there all passed out..
Oh wait, I can't see, I might step on his head!"

 photo 37.jpg
*hides in her room for the rest of the day*

 photo 38.jpg
"I'm sooo embarrassed."

 photo 39.jpg
Hormones finally kicked in again. Those young people, they're like rabbits..

 photo 40.jpg

 photo 41.jpg
See? rabbits!

 photo 42.jpg
Different priorities. More essay writing for Zoe.

 photo 43.jpg

 photo 44.jpg
All seems good again. You might want to change out of your pajamas though Zoe..

 photo 45.jpg

 photo 46.jpg
Seriously though Zoe. Change to some decent clothes will you?

 photo 47.jpg

 photo 48.jpg
Still pajamas..

 photo 49.jpg
"Hey, I'm wearing what I want ok?"

 photo 50.jpg
Remembered that I hadn't taken any proper pictures of the dorm.

 photo 51.jpg
It's very nice and small. :)

 photo 52.jpg
Oh yeah!

 photo 53.jpg

 photo 54.jpg

 photo 55.jpg

 photo 56.jpg
Luna called. <3

 photo 57.jpg

 photo 58.jpg
Studies, studies, studies...

 photo 59.jpg

 photo 6.jpg

 photo 8.jpg
Here's where we leave Zoe for now and turns over to the twins Malory & Dana.

 photo 60.jpg
Post-make over! Mal to the left and Dana to the right if you don't remember them. ^^

They moved into the dorm Fawn once lived in.
 photo 61.jpg
It has gotten some ivy since we last saw this place. Time flies.

 photo 62.jpg

 photo 63.jpg
I just love Dana. She is everything I'm not. x)

 photo 64.jpg
 photo 65.jpg

 photo 66.jpg

 photo 67.jpg
Mal is doing what romance sims do. With the blond guy there.

 photo 68.jpg

 photo 69.jpg

 photo 70.jpg
Dana is a pleasure sim but she loves working out. That doesn't really make sense in my mind. x)

 photo 71.jpg
Did I say that I love her?

 photo 72.jpg
Dana's room.

 photo 73.jpg

 photo 74.jpg
Early morning jogging.

 photo 75.jpg

And that's all for this time! :) It was really a long time since I updated. Those uni years always seem
so tedious. I'm adding some community lots to the hood now though. Just to spice things up a
little. Next update we'll be back with Luna in the main house & hood though. :)
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