18 June 2014 @ 02:55 pm
My Pleasantview - 330 Main Street  
 photo 330MainStreet1.jpg

It's summer and I've got more time for simming again! This makeover has been posted to tumblr already
but I like to keep a directory here too. This lot is made over in the same style as 250 Main Street and I
altered the wall some because I couldn't stand how boxy and ugly the original was..

 photo 330MainStreet2.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet3.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet4.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet5.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet6.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet7.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet8.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet9.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet10.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet11.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet12.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet13.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet14.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet15.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet16.jpg

 photo 330MainStreet17.jpg

Happy Simming everybody!

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