01 July 2014 @ 11:59 am
Riverbend - Meet the settlers  

It's time to introduce a new settlement to you all! I've been having this urge to start a new BaCC
for quite some time and I've finally had the time to set up a new hood!

Welcome to Riverbend, where a brave group of sims have traveled and begun to strive for a
happy and prosperous city. Let's see who they are!

Freya Nettle

Aspiration Popularity/Family
Personality Libra | 3 8 4 5 6

Freya has always been a bit of an oddball, thinking about and planning ambitious city planning projects on her spare time ever since she was a child. She built cities with her stuffed animals as residents and played out the lives of her dolls, always with great attention to detail. It's no wonder that she should take on this risky mission, to set up a new settlement in the wild forest of SimNation. Freya is determined to make Riverbend thrive and she is impatient though she must be careful to stay on good terms with the rest of the settlers, they might not want to work as hard..

- Pine Road 2 -


Alvaro Montes

Aspiration Family/Pleasure
Personality Taurus | 5 5 3 8 4

Alvaro is that kind of guy all sims want to be friends with, he's easy-going and fun to be around. He dreams of a large, happy family and long lazy days in the sun with the kids playing with the family dogs on the freshly mowed lawn. The question is if he is prepared for Freya's high tempo and ambition when it comes to the development of this settlement?

Luca Younglove

Aspiration Fortune/Pleasure
Personality Sagittarius | 5 2 8 8 2

Rory Younglove

Aspiration Knowledge/Family
Personality Sagittarius | 2 3 9 7 4

The Younglove siblings were really looking forward to this big adventure before they started the 3 months long journey out in the wilderness. After a couple of weeks however, they started arguing about things and annoyances and it escalated quickly. At first it was about what to eat and where to stop for the night and when they finally arrived they got in a huge fight over the house plan. It was decided that Alvaro was to live with them and try to make peace. Who knows how this will end?

- Pine Road 2 -


Neal Rockford

Aspiration Romance/Fortune
Personality Cancer | 5 6 5 3 5

Neal had to get away from Simcity, quickly. Too many love interests in one town made living there inconvenient from many perspectives and when an opportunity to join this expedition he happily accepted it. Neal, a romance sim at heart wants to try to create something a little more lasting than his latest romantic relationships, his fortune nerve is tickling and he's hoping to one day be the owner of several businesses. The question is if he can "keep his hands off" all these pretty girls that is part of the group?

Nadja Poole

Aspiration Family/Popularity
Sagittarius | 3 3  9 5 5

Nadja suddenly lost both her job and her apartment when the investment company she worked for went bankrupt a few months ago and during her time as unemployed she had time to re-evaluate her lifestyle and her dreams. She discovered that she had a strong love for the outdoors as well as for writing. During the long trip she became good friends with Neal and they decided to share a house in the new town. Will they become more than just friends though?

- Pine Road 3 -


Lila McLaughlin

Aspiration Pleasure/Popularity
Personality Aquarius | 2 5 4 7 7

Eddy McLaughlin

Aspiration Knowledge/Family
Personality Virgo | 10 1 6 1 7

The McLaughlin siblings is a funny pair, with almost opposite personalities. Lila is the happy go lucky kind of person that laughs a lot and loves to goof around. Her secret, or not so secret dream, is to become a witch and she had a lot to do with the design of her and Eddy's new home. Eddy on the other hand is a serious guy, a bit of a neat freak actually and he came along to keep an eye on Lila. He's an affectionate brother who loves to paint. The question is if he'll manage to keep Lila out of trouble and if he'll be happy with this new "not-so-clean" life of his..

- Pine Road 4 -


Mu Luna

Aspiration Fortune/Romance
Personality Virgo | 9 2 6 3 5

Nobody knows for sure where Mu is from, she says she has grown up in Simcity but refuses to tell anything else about her childhood or why she has those special genetics. Mu was the last one to join the expedition but she was the most eager to start the trip and her mood seemed to get better the further out in the wilderness the got. What is she running away from? And will the other settlers welcome her to the group and treat her as an equal?

- Pine Road 4 -

Notes: This post took way longer than it should have to get finished, I get this creative block when I have to come up with more than one background story. Nevertheless, I'm really excited to finally start playing and starting to building up a new town! I hope to get as attached to these sims as I did with the ones of Mistmoor a couple of years back. I'm eager to see who ends up with who! Thanks for reading <3


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