10 June 2017 @ 03:31 pm

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The group lives together in the “base camp” while building the new houses.

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..and Freya is all smiles and pride, so far..

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Luca is talking cuisine with Eddy. Maybe Luca will become the towns first chef? Eddy, who worries a lot, is more concerned about the lack of electricity.

Luca: Don't worry Eddy, I can assure you that I will be able to serve you a very nice cake even without electricity. It will be properly hand made!
Eddy: Sigh.. you don't think about anything else do you Luca? Cakes here, dinners there.. But what about keeping your ingredients cool? What about the risks of fires?

Luca considers Eddy's words for a second and then responds
Luca: You must stop worrying so much Eddy, live a little! Bake a cake!

[Image: gLOe2Nq.jpg]

Meanwhile Lila, carefree as always, is playing games with Nadia.

[Image: 1r6IcPs.jpg]

Mu spends most of her time alone, she's not the most sociable person and enjoys to just observe the others for now. Nobody really knows what she is thinking..

[Image: oHorAPZ.jpg]

Neal, a true romance sim, talks romance with Freya who listens "eagerly". ;) Rory is thinking about something else entirely, it seems as if she has gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today. She is constantly super angry, the group doesn't really understand why and the never-ending rage becoming a little problematic..

[Image: IrcVe4O.jpg]

[Image: 6EjFJT1.jpg]

Today Rory decides to channel all her frustration into a fight with her brother. The other settlers have mixed emotions to say the least..

[Image: bRII4jV.jpg]

After the intense fight Freya decides to bring the group together for a meal of hot dogs. She hasn't really got the hang of grilling though, maybe it's better to leave this to Luca? We don't want any fires! (or maybe we do? ^_^)
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