10 June 2017 @ 04:15 pm
Riverbend - Year 1: Fall - Nettle (2)  
[Image: wuOMnVD.png]

We left the group bonding at their base camp, which involved baking talk, fighting and burnt hot dogs.

In the last evening before they move into their respective houses other "things" start to happen..

Someone even got Rory to smile!

Freya prompts on a last meeting before everyone walk to their new homes.

She describes her vision for the future where they will have all kinds of transportation and explains that many more sims will come and live in the beautiful Riverbend in the years to come! Not all of her fellow explorers seem to believe all her "big words" though..

Goodbye base camp!

It's now the first day in the new house and for Freya it starts with an old fashioned morning shower.

Freya is enjoying the fresh air and is starting to grow a few crops. The small settlement has to make sure that they'll have enough food when winter arrives.

After her refreshing morning Freya heads out to do her first day at "work".
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