10 June 2017 @ 04:56 pm
Riverbend - Year 1: Fall - Nettle (3)  

Last time we left Freya going to her first day at "work" as the leader of the camp.

Freya comes home all devastated. The others doesn't seem to understand that they need to work hard if their small town is going to prosper..

Freya: Maybe I'm not cut out to be a future mayor?

She doesn’t have time to dwell on it too long though because her garden really needs her attention, who knew that you had to weed so often?

As the icing on the cake that is her very first day she comes down with a flu!

Poor soul. She could definitely do with a strong cup of :tea:

Since Freya doesn't own a teapot yet she instead invites a few of the girls over to share a canned meal. Delicious I'm sure..
(this might seem as a bad idea when you've just come down with the flu but since infecting three more sims with it will unlock a position in the medical career it makes perfectly sense to the evil sim godess, hehe..)

After just a day or so, Freya is healthy again!

She might not advance as much as she had hoped as leader but she learns a lot about nature and growing food.

One sunny day, Neal drops by for a visit.

They spend most of the day chatting about everything and nothing and they really hit it off! Freya's first week seems to maybe not be too bad after all!
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