10 June 2017 @ 07:24 pm

Let's go back to the wilderness called Riverbend and the lovebirds!

[Image: 2C5i4oJ.jpg]

The garden is somewhat neglected since Freya has had her attention on other matters. :whistle: She has also been doing a lot better "career wise" and has been promoted! (I really should make a custom town leader career because it's not really fitting with the original political one..)

[Image: eAbY7on.jpg]

One rainy morning, not long after her amorous meeting with Neal..

[Image: TpgmVIT.jpg]

Freya starts to show certain signs..

[Image: iBPGkg1.jpg]

She is a little distracted by the morning sickness and walks out to greet Alvaro in her nighties.

[Image: H4cFAwn.jpg]

Alvaro wonders when the settlement will have television, he’s missing some of his favorite shows. Freya promptly proposes that Alvaro starts working on his mechanical skills to help out. :D

[Image: 7r4NUed.jpg]

Oh well, this might complicate things/town development a little..

[Image: QCobQtS.jpg]

Freya: There you are! I haven’t seen you in days!
Neal: Hmpfgh

[Image: OXoEwQh.jpg]

Neal: You have a small person in there?!
Freya: That’s normally how it works yes, clearly you must know that?

[Image: hd9SEqN.jpg]

Neal: Of course, hehe.. Hi mini-neal, how’s things in there? :D
Freya: You’re crazy Neal, cute but crazy. Now how do you think we should tackle this small person thing?
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