It's time to see what the Younglove & Montes household is up to during their first week!

It seems Rory has got other things on her mind than her "stupid brother".

Speaking of Luca.. Yep he is rather clueless!

Oh dear, you're not wasting any time are you?
These BaCC sims also seem to always "try for baby", and who am I to deny them that.

Luca apparently gets seasick from playing pirate in the tub, he's a real tough guy..

After getting some steam off Rory and Alvaro start working on the food issue. It's really the most important thing for all the settlers during the first weeks.

Rory has a LTW to reach the top of the Oceanography career and for a spot to open she most get a gold talent badge in fishing. She seems to be quite good at fishing though so she should have no trouble achieving it, if she and Alvaro don't have other plans of course..

We have to wait and see what the future brings !
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