Welcome back to the lovebird house!

After a few hours of intimacy to truly inaugurate their new home the new inhabitants settled for a canned meal.

A little reading to end the first day.

The hard life without inside plumbing but it does make for some interesting views.

Another "productive" day.

Rory keeps catching a lot of fish. Luca tries his hand at some treasure digging:

Luca: Omw (oh my watcher), omw! I must have hit the plumbing!
Rory (in a tired voice): We're in the middle of the forest how could you possibly have hit the plumbing?

Rory: I can't believe him! I can't do anything without a disaster!

Alvaro decides to cheer Rory up by asking her out on a date. He's falling really quick and hard.

They spend the rest of the day walking around in the forest and planning for the future. At the end of the night Rory seems quite smitten herself.

Rory is on a roll!
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