Let's see what our dear Luca and his "friends" are up too!

Lila: Hi Luca! How are you today?
Luca: Hi Lila.. Rory keeps laughing at me so it could be better I guess..
Lila: I can make it better! (a true McLaughlin)

And without further ado she does!

Eddy: You don't understand what you have done, do you Neal?
Neal: I don't know what you're talking about..

Eddy: I know everything Neal. I went over to have a word with Freya and she sure
looks a little "larger" than when we arrived, if you know what I mean.

Neal: Alright, alright. But what should I do now? I'm not good with this part.
That's actually why I decided to join this expedition in the first place.

Eddy: Well, you can't run away this time. You'll have to help her out, maybe even
move in with her to help her take care of the baby. *glances over shoulder*
I'm starting to suspect you've started an epidemic Neal, those two will soon
swallow each other whole I swear!

Neal: *glances too* They're just making out Eddy, relax a little.
Oh wait, that's not how you make out!

Meanwhile in the other room..

Luca: I didn't know I had that in me. I thought Neal would get
all the ladies in this town, he's the true casanova!
Lila: Yep, Neal really has it all I wouldn't mind if he made a move on me either..
Eddy: *stares hard at Luca and Lila*

The very next day Lila drops of some flowers with a note at their doorstep.

Rory doesn't really mind being pregnant (I'm not completely sure she realizes what it means) and continues to work on her fishing badges.

The tomatoes are having a tough time. Someone really should be working on some kind of bug repellent..

Another day goes by and Rory is once again amazed by her growing belly!
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