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Mistmoor - Week 3 - Summary  

Week 3 has now come to an end and it's time for some family portraits and summaries. I've really enjoyed playing this week and I hope you've enjoyed the read. :) On to the pictures!

Freya, Elsie, Ben and Alice Hall - Elsie continued her way up the political ladder and managed to unlock townies and community lots! She currently works as a State Assembly Person which means that the political career is open for all. Freya and Harris are as much in love as ever which resulted in Alice, their second child. Both Alice and Ben had birthdays during the week and Ben is now thrilled that his dad will be moving in with them next week. Freya proposed to Harris this week and they'll tie the knot when we meet them all again.

Cliff, Piretta, Harris and May Osheai - The home business of the Osheai clan reach rank 5 this week and with the money they got Harris was able to build Mistmoor's first community lot: Tasty's! The grocery stor was an immediate success and is currently a rank 3 business. Last week Piretta had a child with Sam Jernigan and this lovely girl, May, grew up to a cute child this week. Piretta realised that would never have Sam and began worrying that she might never marry. But she soon found herself faintting from heat while kissing a hot red haired townie named Cliff. She just wouldn't "loose" any more days but asked him to move in with them before the week ended. It's nice to know that May will have a father figure even when Harris moves out.

Aofie, Sam, Meg, Serena, Gloria, Josh and Samantha Jernigan - Sam had a hectic week taking care of triplets and obsessing over his unfit body as well as his golden fishing badge. The Jernigan house was indeed full of potty training toddlers and food bottles. Money was short and Aofie tried her best to dig up valuable things to sell. The week ended with a fishing marathon which fortunately resulted in a gold fishing badge for Sam and a spot in the Oceonography career. Not to be forgotten is Serena who became Mistmoor's first teen, a gorgeous teen too!

Leo, Dylan, Cardiff, Anne, Catherine, Blake, Dylan, Vera and Matilda King - This time we have all the King's in the family portrait, all nine of them. Pew! The most crowded household in Mistmoor certainly continued being crowded during the third week. There were lots of birthday celebrations and cakes. Cardiff decided unemployment was boring and started a home business selling junk found in the ground around the house. Mostly rocks and bones that is. Catherine got fired from her job in the education career and Anne took place as the towns teacher instead. Next week we'll see actual "teaching" when the School of Mistmoor is initiated!

Engelbert and Lina Müller - We all had our fingers crossed for Engelbert this week and it seems like it made a difference! Engelbert met his beloved Lina during the first day and they immediately became inseperable. They got married without further ado.  With the money from a genie lamp Lina started Mistmoor's first restaurant, Müller's Flavours. She is now pregnant and these parents-to-be couldn't be happier.

New additions! 
Since two community lots had been built i had the opportunity to add two new citizens to Mistmoor.

Max Clover - Max Clover revealed himself as a womanizer during his first days in town. He also took a job in the Law Enforcement career, spot opened when the Müller's had burglaries, though his dream lies within the military. After several flirts with townie ladies   ,including a miserable date with Esabelle who got struck by lightning, he got a visit from Elsie Hall. They completely fell for each other and it seems as if Elsie has moved on from her affair with Cardiff. Maybe Max and Elsie will be happy and grow old together?

Summer Maple - The second addition to the growing population is Summer Maple. She dreams of becoming Captain Hero and loves painting and haning out with friends. She actually managed to get to know most of the original settlers as well as several townies during her first week. She also met her big love (?) Keanon. Blond babies are coming! On a side not she also managed to set her stove on fire but luckily nothing more disastrous happened since she put the fire out herself. 

Stats Week 3:
Households: 7
Playable Sims: 28
Community Lots: 2
Sim Multiplier: 2
Population: 56
Fires: 3
Burglaries: 2
Earned CAS Sims: 2
Townies: Unlocked!
Electricity and running water: Unlocked!
Careers Spots: Law (1/1), Education (1/1),  Law Enforcement (1/1),
Culinary (1/1), Oceanography (1/1)
Unlocked Careers: Politics


Notes: This week was so much fun! I've played through it rather quickly only 'cause I couldn't wait. ^^ It's lovely to have community lots and townies. The population number got a nice lift with the first community lot and I'm aiming for the hundred next week. That means I have to buy three more community lots. We'll see how that goes! I'm going to try a playable school so I'm about to read some about that and download the needed things. I'm not sure if it's doable when the teacher lives on the same lot as some of the school kids? Will they be able to both go to their "ordinary" school and the community lot school or will they be all exhausted or "away at community lot" when the teacher (Anne) is working and I'm back to play those hours in the King's house? Does anyone have experience? I not sure I make any sense so please ask if you don't understand my concerns. :P 
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(Anonymous) on May 19th, 2015 04:40 am (UTC)
I've got that mod that makes community lot time sync with home time so I could make a school with the town funds and have my teacher Sims got to it from 9-3 or whatever and get paid from the town funds or run it as a business owned by the mayor and have them work it like a normal shift or something, and I guess manager=principal. The third option is to make a boarding school type thing or have the school be at somebody's house. Or if you don't use that mod that syncs the times have your sim go to your school an hour or two early and when they finish the school day return them home and max their mood and send them to the education career job.

I'll probably just buy a school with town funds, a normal small public school, and have everyone go to Maxis school/career. And then make another school, a private school where I have player controlled students and teachers and teach them skills and stuff and the teachers get paid straight from the parents. Like 500 per kid per week or something. And a third school that's a boarding school that's about 1,000 a week per student or something like that. But I probably wont use any of the parents as teachers for the school.

Maybe you can make a Sim just to be the principal and they can live on the lot and they can be used to summon the teachers and students every day on the school lot and you wont have to send anyone to community lots and you wouldn't have to replay the school with every household or anything like that.
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