05 September 2012 @ 12:12 pm
Week 3 - Maple  

This time we welcome yet another new citizen to Mistmoor. This time it's Summer Maple, a sim made by Shoofleed/Petchy.
She is a shy family sim who wants to one day become Captain Hero. Unfortunately that career spot is already taken, for this week at least. She likes athletic guys with logic skills and dislikes red hair. ^^

Here's her town house :) This was also part of the tiny lots Petchy made me for CiJ. They're cc-free and can be downloaded at this year's CiJ thread!

Summer's house is rather empty but she immediately starts painting. Aspiring artist maybe? Thatt would be the first in Mistmoor. Maybe she'll open a gallery at some point. :) That would be a nice community addition.

Harris and his welcome wagon arrived and started admiring the very shy Summer. 

Obligatory lunch sandwiches.

More people walked by and they had a smustlin' evening at Summer's place.

I felt she needed a more decorated place and gave her some bits and bobs to make it more homey.

Random walkby.

Oh, come on! I understand why she dislikes red haired men.. 

He joined the smustle party nevertheless x) He lives in one of the apartments above Max and I think his last name is Chinchilla. x)

Mmm, delicious!

She is looking for an opening spot in the politics career. I've decided that sims have to look for opening spots for the careers that's unlocked for everybody. It makes sense to me. ^^


She had some quiet time and it felt rather lonely. 

A visit to Müller's should do the trick!

See, lots of socializing!

What a hunk. x)

It looks so nice, I want to join them!

Eating dinner in bathing clothes.. not so classy Summer. 

Community lots are tiring. Nap is required if you don't want to turn your sleeping pattern upsidedown. 

She met a dog named Fluffy. ^^ I'm a huge HP fan so I went all squeeing!

Fluffy is crazy and filthy.. We'll see if he comes back some day, maybe she'll adopt him and teach him proper manners. :P

Back to painting! She has 7 creativity points now. 


Hi there athletic(?) guy! This is Keanon.

And they really dig each other!

Shy sims are the cutest! <3

Off to work!

Mistmoor is such a beautiful place. 

Summer is such a popular person. She already has four or five friends and she knows most of the original settlers.

Ending the day with a mystery book. 

Tiny, green kitchen. 


And Catherine also enjoys Summer's company. :)

First subject you could think of Summer? No wonder she is popular.. ^^


I think Timothy is trying to tell Catherine something. He talked about babies and looked at her all the time. ^^ 

Pancakes for breakfast. :)


Come on Summer, you can do it!

And then she eats the pancakes without any complaints. x) Like, "I'm going to have those darn pancakes!"

She is also great friend with Lina. Summer is great friend with everybody.

But it's Keanon she wants. Sorry Catherine, he seems to have forgotten about your flirt. :P

First kiss!

And they immediately threw off their clothes and "cuddled" on the sofa, of course. 

I want blond babies in Mistmoor! Wiie! 

And that's where we leave these blond sweeties. 
Notes: Wow, Summer ended up as the popular girl! That really wasn't on my list either. She is a shy familysim, who would have guessed? :P Anyway, this was the last household in Mistmor for week 3. Next up is the Summary post and it should be up soon since I've already taken the family portraits and they're on my photobucket account. :) 

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