04 September 2012 @ 11:21 am
Week 3 - Clover  

Let's all welcome a new citizen to the forests of Mistmoor!

This is the Clover family (I'm totally going to "steal" all the not chosen surnames from the TSC Round Robin)

It's a guy and he's moving into Mistmoor's first apartment lot, built by Petchy/Shoofleed. 

It's Max by [profile] alien_pod!

Max Clover
5 8 4 3 5
Aspiration: Popularity
LTW: Reach the top of the military career

Since there's an opening in this career and not in military he starts a career in Law Enforcement.

Max Clover is a cutie and he loves jumping rope in his empty apartment.

It's all lonely at home so he walks over to Müller's to have a nice meal and maybe meet up with some nice girls.

Hostess Robin has clothes on this time and actually does her job well. ^^

Very much pregnant Lina is his server. 
Max: This place is so classy, it's like something from the white house!
Lina smiles smugly. 

Müller's also has a hot tub. Best place to meet hot girls in Max oppinion. This is Lottie. 

Another acquaintance.

Studying physiology, it's apparently astonishing!

Overview. It's rather empty at the moment. Maybe there'll be decorating next week. 


Talking to Lottie.

And now, let the promotion spam begin. ^^

Is she my typ or is she not..

He gives it a shot.

But suddenly a brunette walked by.
Max promptly said good bye to Lottie and began charming Esabelle instead. ^^

He even asked her on a date.

The went to Müllers and Esabelle was immediately hit by lightning. x) 

She ended the date right away. Like the lightning was his fault!

Love that the picture on that letter shows her smokey face!

Oh yeah!

Elsie dropped by to welcome Max and do some bonding over mac and cheese. 

What a welcome!

Max is completely sold on Elsie.

Max is doing a lot of skilling. That's how all those promotions keep rolling in. ^^

The phone is always ringing in this apartment. Max is a popular guy. :P

Cardiff on visit.

At the same time as Elsie.. O boy, how will this end?

Apparently it doesn't bother Cardiff. Maybe he has come to his senses and realised that Anne is his true and only love? He went into the bathroom when Elsie and Max wanted to have a "private moment".. ^^ 

And Elsie even stayed the night.

Notes: This was fun and completely unexpected! I wasn't planning this Max/Elsie relation at all and I really don't know what to do with it.. Since Harris is moving in with Freya next week maybe Elsie should move in with Max.. Or maybe I'll just wait and see what kind of wants Elsie rolls next round. She'll probably have enough money to both buy the school and build herself a new house if she wants. Anyway, next up is another new citizen!

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