03 September 2012 @ 03:53 pm
Week 3 - Müller  

Welcome back to the lonely house of Engelbert Müller. 

Engelbert has not yet been fortunate to meet "the one" but he is successful at his job in the Law career. 

We seldom see Engelbert smiling, not even when he gets a promotion.

The first afternoon this week a girl walks by Engelbert's house. She presents her self as Lina and she's promptly invited inside.

Toto seems to approve of this blond beauty. :)

And Engelbert, love thirsting can't help himself but has to flirt and charm.

Completely awestruck she seems.


They had a wonderful evening. 

Engelbert: Isn't she a lovely woman Benji? Her eyes, green as the forest and her hair so soft and shimmering!
Benji: I have no words..

Engelbert: Please make me rich!

There's a lot to celebrate from Engelbert's point of view. His life has certainly turned from poor and lonely to wealhty and in love in just two days!

And at the end of day two he feels absolutely complete.

Uh oh.. Please do not take the genie lamp!

Engelbert: What happened? 
I don't know, I don't even know what the burglar actually took. ^^

ooh, rich girl..

Lina: Please make me rich too dear Genie! 

They got a living room. I'm trying to decorate with colors I don't normally use and it feels really good.
Not everything has to be bright and shiny. :)

Engelbert has to study charisma to continue his career climbing.

Look what I found in Lina's inventory! x)

Lina: I'm actually friends with most of the townies in this town. I'd probably be great at owning any type of business since I can convince all my friends to buy the stuff I sell. Don't you think love?
Engelbert: Nomnomnom, sure dear, do as you please.. 

Now she only has to start a restaurant business. The rules states that you must run a restaurant to be allowed to work in the culinary career. Lina's LTW is to become a celebrity chef. 

She is so adorable!

Engelbert watching sports on TV. He really goes all in emotionally!

And suddenly there was a restaurant for sale! ^^

Welcome to Müller's Flavours!

It's a classy restaurant with soft colors. Perfect for the romantic dinner. 

Plenty of seats too. :)

Fast food worker. Yay..

And now we all know. ^^

Just look at his eyes. So much in love!


First working day at Müller's. The ticket machine had to go though since the guests wouldn't eat their meals but leave as soon as they were served. I have never played a restaurant business before.. This first costumer is Michael.


Lina hired some staff to help her but this girl began her day with throwing food all over Elsie. ^^

Despite the food throwing!

Engelbert just keeps climbing!

And nowadays he shows his feelings a bit more.. It's lovely too see how much he has changed since he met Lina.

Not again!

Engelbert rolled this want just after the burglar had run away with the rug from their living room.

Wedding day! Cardiff is the only guest, (because I was lazy)

Cardiff's face! x)

Back to skilling!

Well, look at that! 

Engelbert is soon growing old so I decided to give him a few extra days now that he's going to have a family!

Timothy and Gloria having a  meal at Müller's.

Hostess Robin showing her class... 

Notes: Hurray! Engelbert found love and Mistmoor got yet another community lot. :) This was a great success and since they had burglaries it means that I now have two CAS sims to add to the town and one open spot in the Law Enforcement career. I also forgot to tell you that Lina has family aspiration. Next up is a new household!