28 August 2012 @ 02:12 pm
Week 3 - King  

The King's boys are always up at night, doing things their parents wouldn't allow if they were awake.

Anne meets Doris. Anne is a popularity sim which means she can't have enough friends. Her LTW is to have 20 best friends.

Catherine is the school teacher. :)

There's going to be a lot of birthdays this week. 

Their house is big but rather plain. They're short on money this family of nine. 

Matilda. :) She has creepy eyes, I don't know where they come from and I don't want to do more sim surgery atm so she has creepy eyes through this whole week. I might change them next week. 

Anne and Cardiff are rather good parents. 


Lonely meal in the middle of the night.


Vera is a lovely child, easily taken care of. 

Anne has apparently forgiven Cardiff. They casually woohoo all the time. I'm just happy that this family is full. ^^

The digging begins. They needed money and there's really no other way to get some when you don't work. 

Paying §900 to Elsie in Taxes. 

Friend from school. I made kids townies too!

Way to go Dylan and stop hitting pipes Cardiff!

Michael, townie kid. :) Cute!

Matilda's b-day!

Samantha Jernigan was there too. :D

I love how excited all sims are whenever there's an age transition upcoming. :D

Like I said, creepy, creepy eyes! And that mouth is way up her nose. x) Maybe she'll grow into these features. She is loved neverthless.

And it was time for Vera to age up too.

She looks just like Leo. <3


Leo enjoying homework.

I love this hack!

Nursery rhyme is adorable. 

Yay, simoleans!

Please Cardiff, stop it! Also, look at his fat belly. x)


Gosh Catherine, you really have no interest in teaching. 

We let Anne have a go at it too. 

Catherine met this blond guy. She is a romance sim so she can't have enough lovers. :P I'd like her to move to her own house and have a blond baby with this guy but there's no money. I have so many black haired kids!

Talking to Doris.

You didn't even have a statue in the first place!

All the digging made it possible to start a home business selling the treasures.

Yeah, I know it's a lousy shop Doris..

Love that look!

§1000 :D You can't possibly choose anything else than the money awards when playing a BaCC.


Aah, I forgot about Nelson's birthday.

He is growing on me. I thought he looked rather creepy as toddler and child but this is kinda nice. :) He rolled Knowledge with a LTW to Become Hand of Poseidon just as Sam Jernigan. He likes blond girls with hat and gets creeped out by unnormal hairyness aka werewolfs. 

What on earth are you telling that kid Cardiff?

Blake decided to age up one day early in the bathroom upstairs. Well, well.. I still love his looks. :D He rolled Fortune with a LTW to own 5 top level businesses. He digs witches who are great chefs and but dislikes them if they're charismatic. ^^

The shop got walls! Shelves are empty though. They only find bones and I sell them right away since they refuse to snap to the shelves. :(

WTF Nelson? Don't you have anything better to do?

They also got a pond since Nelson might need a golden fishing badge to be able to reach his LTW.

Time for Vera to age up!

She still looks like Leo but she is cute. :)

Leo and Dylan is aging up too. 

Leo really has got a sense of style! 

Leo rolled Popularity like his mum and has a LTW to Become Media Magnate. He likes 'em if they're skilled in mechanics and creativity but says no if they're also great chefs.  

Ooh, a military kid! Dylan rolled knowledge with the LTW to Become Education Minister. He likes people with high cleaning skills who are more on the fat side but don't have any facial hair. 

Blake wants to earn some money so he gets to help Elsie with the politics of this town.

They got rid of the changing table and got a chess board instead.

Poor family, the only thing they did this week was celebrating birthdays and digging in the ground. 

Anne walked over to Tasty's to buy some more food. Nine sims in a house means loads and loads of food.

Tasty's is a busy place!

She tried some digging here to but with no great luck.

Fortunately this is next week. I'm tired of birthdays. ^^


Last attempt!

Better than bones or rocks, but still.. I'd so very much liked a treasure chest.

And this is where we leave the King clan this time. The got a new shop selling junk and the kids aged up. Not very interesting but you don't have time for interesting when there's nine sims to take care of. Pew. Next up is Engelbert, lets find hime a spouse! 

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